Caramba, or caravan slalom (CARavan Club Avencerade MästerskapsBAna) , is a competitive activity aimed at caravan drivers who are interested in learning the techniques of caravan handling. Practicing Caramba is a good way to increase your confidence and gain experience to facilitate towing a caravan both on the road and in camping sites.

Caramba competitions are organized on the National Championship level, as cup competitions, and on the Nordic Championship level.
In the competitions, each caravan driver completes two rounds of the caravan slalom track with specified mandatory routines.
The Caramba cup has dedicated divisions for men, women, seniors, and beginners. The minimum age requirement for the senior division is 55 years. Competitors in the beginners’ caravan slalom division may remain in the division for a maximum of two years, but it is also possible to transfer to the other divisions earlier.
Caravan slalom competitions on the national and Nordic championship levels also include a junior division, in which the upper age limit is 25 years. In addition, the Nordic Championship Caramba competitions also include a senior division, with a minimum age requirement of 60 years.

The official Caramba website: SF-Caravan ry (only in Finnish)

The rules of Caramba | The caravan slalom routines used in Caramba

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