The village of Kahvimaa is located in the northern part of the municipality of Siuntio. The length of the Kahvimaantie road is 5.1 kilometers and can be driven from one end to the other in 4 minutes. Kahvimaa spreads across the municipal border between Lohja and Siuntio.

There are many stories about the name Kahvimaa, or Coffee Land in English. The most well-known of them is this:
A policeman was going from house to house looking for illegal moonshine distilleries. None were found, but in each house coffee was served. When the policeman reached the final house, the result was the same: no illegal distilleries. However, the lady of the house offered him food and coffee, to which the policeman responded: “This is a real coffee land ”.

The birth of coffee – the story of Kaldi 
Coffee, like many other great things in life, was discovered accidentally. There are many stories about the discovery of coffee. The most famous one tells of a goatherd named Kaldi, who lived in the province of Kaffa, in Ethiopia. One night, Kaldi was having trouble getting his goats to settle down for the night. The goats had been chewing on the glossy leaves and red berries of the coffee plant. Kaldi tasted the berries himself and became as restless as the animals he was herding. The taste wasn’t great, so he threw the berries into the fire which lead to a fantastic smell emerging from the flames. To dilute the strong taste of the berries, someone later had the idea to crush and mix them in hot water, thus creating the drink now known as coffee. (SOURCE: paulig.fi)

The distances are suggestive.

The Kahvimaantie road is marked in red.
The black line denotes the municipal border.
The speed limit on the Kahvimaantie road is 50/60 km/h all year round. 

More information about the history of Kahvimaa (PDF) (Only in Finnish).

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